Who am I?

The short version: I’m Scott Johnson. I’ve recently retired from nearly 20 years as a bereavement counselor in San Diego.

My work went through several phases. First general grief, then with children,and next with Teens in school settings and more recently with parents who have lost children as well as anyone else suffering from traumatic losses.

I am honored to have traveled with these brave folk and feel moved to share some of the wisdom gleaned from them.

I also am available to meet with families who are early in their bereavement journey, to help them get perspective with regard to the new normal.

The longer version will come later, if at all.

I’ve heard folk refer to their time after the death of a loved one as the new ‘normal.’  The better in control we feel the more we can understand the lay of the land in this new normal. My intention: to clarify this geography.

Within the Resources section you will find a link to some: Thoughts for the newly bereaved. I wrote these suggestions on grieving, with the editing help of our team at the Hope Center of the Hospice of The North Coast*, to give to those who came to our services there.

*Thanks to Kay Cogswell, my supervisor and mentor for many years, as well as Sarah Minas, Kathlyne Barnum and Michele Heartsong for their help with this project.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love this blog! How did I not know about this before?! What a great resource and thanks for the shout out! You are an amazing counselor and mentor to ME! Thanks for all you do!

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