5 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. I am a MFT intern working at Roosevelt Middle School in San Diego, and I am starting a group for grieving pre-teens. I have been skimming your syllabus, and would like to borrow some of your ideas and interventions.

    Thank you for posting!


  2. Of course you can. I only ask you not to ask for money for it. The various contributors gave permission to use their material with this caveat.

    I trained a counselor at Roosevelt Middle School many years ago. I was able to train her by co-leading groups with her for three semesters. I’ve forgotten her name but she had a wolf named something like “Wolfsome.”

    She allowed students in the group to leave class and sit at a table outside her office until they were ready to return. She took care of the logistics so when a student was overwhelmed he or she didn’t have the additional burden of going up to the front of the class to explain why they’re leaving.

    She might be retired by now. If not give her a hug from me.

  3. My work at Roosevelt is sponsored by YMCA Youth and Family Services. I like your prior trainee’s style, and I will ask if I can set up a similar protocol when young people need leave class.

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