Bereavement Education & Support

Suffering from a recent loss? Hopefully here you will find information that will help you make sense of things. The understanding you may find here won’t fix it, but will put you back in control. There is the pain of loss – the missing – then there can be added the pain of our confusion and anxiety about the loss.

What’s here?

Resources such as various support groups in San Diego and reading suggestions.

More about this site and about me.

How to contact me.

A blog where I may post.

Please let me know what you find helpful by using the comments section here, or on any of the page things on this site. What you find comforting will likely be comforting to others. Just because we may feel so different from how we normally feel, it doesn’t mean we’re different from others.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. I wanted to thank you for placing Ted E. Bear Hollow on your list of helpful sites. It means so much to us to have people all over the country helping Ted E. Bear Hollow out in anyway possible.
    I would absolutely love to learn more about you.
    Give me a call at Ted E. Bear Hollow, 402-502-2773 or shoot me an email,
    I hope to hear from you.
    Andrew S. Dungan, MA
    Development Coordnator
    Ted E. Bear Hollow

  2. A great website! Very helpful and informational. I would like you to help me when my book is finished. A great “vehicle” for getting the word out! Paul Martin Author of For You It Was Written

    1. Communicating via websites is part of what I do. Let me know how I can help in the future. There is much to do when it comes up communicating about grief and support.

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